Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Things Very Quickly

Thing One:  The Drop the Needle posts will go up at 10:00 EST tomorrow morning.

Thing Two:  The response was so fast and furious that I'm going to hold a REPEAT ROUND next week.  Same critique, same focus.  So all of you who missed out this time can try again.

See you tomorrow!


funny in the 'hood said...

Hi Authoress,

Will there also be a Secret Agent round this month?


Melissa Romo said...

Lovely homage to Dr. S on his birthday with your 2 Things above, Authoress!

Authoress said...

LOL Melissa -- I thought of that right after I posted!!

funny -- Yep, we're having the SA later this month. :)

Sari Webb said...

*Gets down on hands and knees and begs* Please please please make it at a time when people on the other side of the world aren't sleeping?

Adam Heine said...

"I'm going to hold a REPEAT ROUND next week. Same critique, same focus."


Slush said...

Can't wait to read... I was at work when submissions started and flash drive with my novel was at home. *wags fist in the air

But 'til next time I will sate my appetite with the posts.

Reesha said...

Oooh! Thank you!
Can't wait for next week.