Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fricassee

Things are crackling around here! I'm loving it.


* I forgot to mention in the submission guidelines that I do not accept attachments. When I post the guidelines for next month's SA contest, give me a nudge if I don't mention it.

* I try to catch formatting errors like paragraphs getting all squooshed together. If I miss it and your submission looks awful, PLEASE don't hesitate to pop me an email. It doesn't take long to hit the enter key a few times -- it's important that your work looks good and is readable.

* To add a disclaimer to that: don't be neurotic. If you've determined that your tabs are coming up as four characters wide inside of five, I don't want to hear about it. (No, I mean it. I love you, but I have my limits.)

* And if you do notice a formatting error in your submission, that's a red flag that Blogger doesn't like what you've sent me! So bear that in mind for future submissions.

Crits are moving forward swimmingly, and our Secret Agent has already begun to leave some super feedback. Bear in mind that our Secret Agent will be wading through the submissions over the next few days, so try not to bite your nails to the quick if you're at the end of the line. (Did you notice that SA is moving backward this time? No squabbling among you early submitters, now. There isn't a rule about which end of the submissions the SA needs to start on. *grin*)

As for me? I'm glad to let the blog "run itself" while I get some writing done today. This week has brought the overhaul of a chapter in my completed novel ("completed" surely being a misnomer) and a (kindly worded, personal) rejection of a partial. I'm choosing to focus on the progress I've made rather than the "kick in the stomach" of yet another "Close, but no thanks." At least nobody's telling me I can't write. Right?

And I've just gotta say it: You -- you faceless-yet-heartfilled writers -- have made such an impact on my writing. There isn't anything else to which I can attribute my renewed determination, focus, productivity. There's an indomitable spirit among you that is...well, contagious.

Rock on, bookish colleagues! Wield those pens with confidence. I'll see you bright and early on Monday!


  1. *hugs*

    I fully expect to hear that you've found your dream agent and are selling your book within the year. You are a fabulous writer, and you've done a wonderful thing hosting all of this insanity.

    The best news I've heard all week is that all of these authors have finished their novels. I know, eventually, I will get to read all the books I'm falling in love with during the AYH contest and add them to my shelves.

    My bookshelves are dancing with glee! New books!

  2. Thanks for the opportunities, Authoress. I wish I knew who you were, but would the fun in that be?

    Good luck with your writing, and thank that Secret Agent for me. She's doing a fabulous job!

  3. Hi All,

    Well, its quarter after 6 on a Friday, and I think I've had a chance to comment on all the wonderful entries. So now its time to kick back with a Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (I should start charging them for advertising) and mull over Monday's winners. I just want to say that all of the writer's I've had a chance to comment on are well on their way, and hopefully this process will get them to their destination. Happy weekend!

  4. Hello, Secret Agent! Thanks for taking so much of your time to read through our openings. I know we all appreciate your thoughts and willingness to help.

    A Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate -- wow, sounds divine! I've never tried that particular Starbucks concoction. Now I'm feeling an urge to grab a coffee and go bookstore browsing. :)

    Have a good weekend too! Thanks again!

  5. I'm learning so much as well! Thanks for all you've done to bring us together here, Authoress. And thank you secret agent for all the great advice too, we appreciate it.

  6. I didn't enter, but I read almost every single entry. I would have commented, too, but so many of the comments echoed my own thoughts that I figured I'd just be redundant. 8^)

    I was especially pleased this time that not a single opening featured the MC waking up! Or running away from an unseen pursuer. There were a few weather openers as tone setters, but most were done pretty well. And I was relieved at seeing very few dialogue openings, which can often be problematic. It was very fun to see some repeats from past SAs with their improved beginning page. Yay for constructive critique!

    I can't wait to find out who this generous SA is. It really puts a feather in his or her cap. Such a big heart deserves great reward.

  7. Judging from these entries, I have to say, I'm glad I'm not writing YA. Talk about fierce competition!

    Well done authors and kudos to Authoress and the SA for another awesome round up!


  8. Thanks Authoress and Secret Agent! These contests are always so fun.

  9. Whew, I finished commenting on all the entries! :D

    Thanks again for hosting this, Authoress, and a huge thank you to the SA as well! :D

    My weekend was slow, filled with barking dogs, rejections, really bad movies on the SCI-FI channel, and I even got a bit of writing done. ;) Whee!


    I enjoyed quite a few of the openings here, it was fun reading comments, and I got such excellent feedback, I'm still in the afterglow of squee-ish 'yes, faceless commentators, you have HELPED ME FIX IT, bwhahaahaha!' excitement.

    Heh, so anyway, thanks again to everyone for making this sucessful.

    And Authoress, I agree with just_me that I fully expect to log online someday soon and hear the news that you've landed and agent, then a publishing deal, and maybe movie rights...


  10. Oh! An authoress movie. I wonder who would play Mr. Authoress?

  11. Johnny Depp. And I would play myself. :D

  12. he he he- Good Monday Morning, Authoress... how was the weekend? How is your week?

  13. The weekend was a bust for my WIP, but a success in other areas.

    And how was your weekend? :)