Thursday, October 21, 2010

Submit Your Logline For Session One

Now that you know why I've been pushing the logline thing, let's jump right in and start getting some feedback on our loglines-in-progress.

Submissions are open RIGHT NOW for the first 25 log lines. Send to authoress.submissions(at), as always.


SCREEN NAME: (type it here)
TITLE: (type it here)
GENRE: (type it here)

(Type your logline here)

Word count is set at 100. SCREEN NAME, TITLE, and GENRE are NOT included in the word count, so if you get a rejection that claims you're over word count, it's because your word processor has added invisible junk to your document. Make sure you've typed it in PLAIN TEXT and sent it in a PLAIN TEXT email to avoid this problem.

Best way to avoid the trouble? Type your logline directly into a plain text email. No copy-pasting at all.

The loglines will begin posting at 1:00 pm Eastern. Readers, please leave your feedback! Namely, DOES THE LOGLINE MAKE ME WANT TO READ THE BOOK?

A few helpful tidbits:

From Blake Snyder's Save the Cat:

"A logline is the one- or two-sentence description of your [novel] that tells us what it is. It must contain a type of hero (that means a type of person plus an adjective that describes him), the antagonist (ditto), and the hero's primal goal. It must have irony, and it must bloom in our brains with potential."

From author Holly Bodger, the logline queen:


Please remember that there is no perfect formula for a logline. There are components that a strong logline needs, and this will flesh out in whatever way best portrays your story and its inherent conflict.

Okay, have at it! You may submit at any time. Submissions will close as soon as we've got 25 entries.


  1. Lady Authoress

    Crawling alert:
    I regret that I must admit I come late to your wisdom. But late, I am told is better than never :-).

    Loglines. Format. I think I understand TITLE. I think I understand GENRE. But what, if I may ask, should I interpret SCREEN NAME to be?

    The Idiot

  2. Well, "The idiot" seems a bit harsh. ;)

    It's the name you use when you comment here. "peladon," in this case.

  3. Lady wise...

    I'm male. Idiot comes with the base package :-P.


  4. ... and I have two log lines I'm pondering for subject of the pondering. The longer version and the shorter. I'll assume one entry per and ponder ere I offer :-).


  5. So. Short. It breaks the rules, of course. But then - I was never very good at rules :-).

  6. Authoress - I spent about 20 minutes last night trying to think of the term 'inciting incident' while organizing my plotting notes. It never did come to mind and eventually I had to select a different term and move on to get work done. You've made my morning. After a day of following around my 13-month old, its a miracle I remember my own name....hold will come to me...eventually... :)

    Have a great day and I can't wait to read the loglines!

  7. Loglines Hoover...well, mine usually do anyway. So, I am looking forward to this critique opportunity! This should be fun! Thanks for making this possible. Authoress, I'm sure you've heard it before but... YOU Rock!

  8. Is this session for query-ready manuscripts as well? Or does that apply to the December session only?

  9. Should we expect a follow up email after submitting or should we just wait until they are posted? Just worried I didn't do something right.


  10. Disregard my comment. Limit reached already. :(

  11. Darn it! I missed this. I didn't know you were doing this today. :(

  12. CRAP! I just realized it was a WORD COUNT of 100!! Not a CHARACTER COUNT of 100!!! My logline is going to SUCK!

  13. S. Kyle -- If you send me your corrected version with your post number in the subject line before noon EDT, I'll change it for you. :) facelesswords(at)

  14. Sent you an email and it was rejected.

  15. You need to send it to facelesswords(at), NOT the contest. I'm going to do this by hand.

  16. Hi Authoress,

    After seeing all the log lines, I would argue that if the goal/conflict is stated clearly enough, the consequences are implied. Besides don't all consequences lead to the same high-stakes, dramatic conclusion: the hero dies! the hero's friend dies! the planet explodes and everyone dies!

    Maybe Holly Blogger can explain more here?

  17. I didn't see this submission window until now! but I think I got confused between log lines and tag lines! I was completely settled on a 'logline' (that was about 16 words) and then now I read that loglines can be up to 100 words!

    Back to the drawing board then...