Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SECRET AGENT: And away we go!

Okay, the submissions will post shortly.

Just a few notes for the newcomers:

* Everyone who had submitted an entry is requested to critique at least 5 other entries.

* Using "ANONYMOUS" as your screen name is not allowed. Kindly choose a name by which we can all identify you (choose the third sign-in option in the comment box).

* Be kind and helpful, honest but not critical. (If something doesn't work, say so. But don't make sweeping statements like, "Your mother should have removed your fingers at birth.")

And for those of you who have entered: If you notice any egregious formatting errors on your submission, please email me and I will fix it. I know how important it is for your work to be beautiful and readable. (Notice I didn't say "perfect.")

Okay, enjoy!!


  1. Thanks, Authoress, for fixing my formatting error. It looks much better now.

  2. Thanks for everything, Authoress.

    And, thanks to those who commented - so far - on my entry. Another set of eyes is always helpful. ; )

  3. Me too! (Glad I caught the weirdness that is my email before it was posted).

    Also, thanks for hosting these contests. I'm at work...making my way through each entry.

  4. Thank you Authoress!

    Reading the entries had really helped me see what works in an opening. This is actually fun as well as educational. ;)

  5. Thank you so much for this contest, Authoress! We've already gotten so much feedback that I know we'll be applying throughout our MS.

    The only potential problem is that there might be people out there constantly refreshing your blog all day to see the new comments. Certainly not us, but you know...other people. These comments are like crack for writers.

  6. Thank you so much for this contest, Authoress! Aahh, I'm so nervous! Best of luck to everyone, and thank you to all who took the time to comment on my first 250!

    I hope I haven't erfendi-ed anyone in my comments. ^_^

  7. This is my first time, but I'm already addicted! I want to read every entry and comment. Hmm. I foresee a few very unproductive days.