Thursday, March 29, 2018

10TH BIRTHDAY BLOGPITCH #15: YA Suspense/Thriller

TITLE: Eight Minutes, Thirty-Two Seconds
GENRE: YA Suspense/Thriller

L and M survived the end of the world. Now, there’s nothing left to live for except a suicide drug that only lets them die for eight minutes and thirty-two seconds.

Addicted to ‘death,’ when they briefly relive the world before it ended, they keep killing themselves just to remember what it was to be alive.

Until M doesn’t wake, leaving L alone to die.

No regrets, not really. Eight billion people already died.

Didn’t they?


  1. This feels a little too much like you're trying to make suicide sound "fun" which is extremely problematic on so many levels. Also, it sounds like it's not suicide anyway since they are clearly coming back to life after 8 minutes. Maybe focus on why they're addicted to this drug (ie, do they get to see family and friends again) and on the dangers they face by doing it one too many times. I would also change the ending as it makes it sound like L doesn't care that M is dead.

    Good luck!

  2. Please send query and first 10 pages to Thanks!
    Jenny Bent
    The Bent Agency

  3. Intriguing, if depressing, concept. Almost makes it seem like they're living in some kind of undying purgatory. I'd certainly read the first few pages.

  4. Ooh, this is intriguing! The only part I find confusing is the effect of the drug. It makes it sound like it actually kills them, in which case, how do they relive the world before it was destroyed? A little more clarity here would help.

  5. This does sound fascinating. Any reason for omitting the full names? Or are their names actually letters? The question at the end feels like it's hinting at a twist. Have they been deceived about the end of the world?

  6. This sounds intriguing! Please send the query, synopsis and first two chapters to Thanks!

    -Nicole Payne, Literary Agent at Golden Wheat

  7. First thing I said to myself was ooh after reading this. It's a great concept. I too though am not sure about the suicide bit, because they do know they will come back to life so maybe that could be reworded somehow. Other than that it's definetely an intriguing idea. Best of luck!