Thursday, March 29, 2018


TITLE: Will of Time
GENRE: Adult Speculative Fiction

When his research project is unexpectedly canned, college professor Will Grey takes the ultimate leap of faith to see if history can be changed…and accidentally kills Einstein in the process. But fixing his error results in an even bigger blunder, and reconciling past and present may mean leaving behind both the life he knew and woman he loves…forever.


  1. Clever title, and the idea of accidentally killing Einstein! Oh no! I can definitely see how the stakes of fixing that blunder would be high. Why was his research project canned? Did it have to do with time travel? Was it canned because his bosses saw how dangerous it could be? The ending of this feels a tad cliche. Yes, it's compelling, but it seems like a line we've all heard many times before. On the whole, though, I'm intrigued. Sorry I'm not an agent! :)

  2. This sounds intriguing, but with all time travel stories I want to know how it works. How does he go back in time? How/why does he happen to kill Einstein? I'm left wondering, which is what a pitch should do I suppose. I would definitely read more.

  3. The idea of killing Einstein made me laugh. Cool premise. I agree with the above comments; can you put in another detail or two about what his project is about? Is it a time travel project that doesn't seem feasible and him going back in time is a last ditch effort to save it?

  4. I really enjoyed the title and overall concept! To me the most compelling hook is that he accidentally kills Einstein. If that's a central part of the book then I'd definitely explore that more rather than getting into the more generic time traveling stuff. But if the core of the book is more about the romantic relationship, then I'd focus on that.

  5. I find these words too vague: "Will Grey takes the ultimate leap of faith to see if history can be changed". Is he trying to do something that will stop his project from being canned? If so, say that. As written, it sounds like he's just randomly experimenting with time travel and accidentally kills Einstein.

    Aside from that, I think your stakes lack balance. You're saying that he needs to choose between fixing something worse than killing Einstein and losing the woman he loves. This kinda sounds like an easy call and you don't want that. We want to feel like there is no possible way he can decide between the two things.


  6. I like this! It's pretty clear what the setup and stakes are and it interested me (love time travel stories). Nice job!