Thursday, March 29, 2018


TITLE: Complex Solutions
GENRE: YA Contemporary

Lexi’s parents secretly proved a famous $1 million math theorem, before a car accident ended their lives. Guilt-ridden, Lexi must claw her way out of self-harm, confide in the guy she’s falling hard for and find the proof before a would-be thief does, stealing her parents’ credit and the one-million dollar prize.


  1. Solid. Title feels generic, but that's me. I like the approach of this story and the way the pitch pulls a double switch. In a less able writer, this could come across contrived. It doesn't at all!

  2. I'm missing the connection between these 3 things which are coming off as unrelated. It sounds like the story is incited by her parents' death and that the ensuing goal is getting the million dollars to fulfill their dream. How is self-harm stopping her from achieving this? Same question about liking a guy. How does that prevent her from getting the million dollars? Stopping the thief makes sense although this doesn't sound like it would sustain the entire plot (unless the thief has already stolen the answer and she is trying to prove that? But then he wouldn't be a "would-be" thief...he'd be an actual thief).

    Good luck!

  3. I feel like there needs to be a little more of a through-line here. I want to know why the thief is such a huge risk to her financial stability and why she feels guilty for her parents death. Aside from that, this sounds like a strong pitch, and definitely something I'd read!

  4. I like the concept! I'd be hooked, with a few reservations. I agree that the various elements could use a little more clarifying of how they connect with each other. With the limited word count, you might be better off tightening the focus on just one or two things. Good luck!