Thursday, March 29, 2018

10TH BIRTHDAY BLOGPITCH #31: Science Fiction

TITLE: Silver
GENRE: Adult Science Fiction

In Halbrechta, where women past childbearing age possess the supernatural abilities of the Silvering, one of the most powerful Silvers has just died of mysterious causes. Inspector Alinda Joren must discover who, if anyone, was strong and clever enough to kill her, and why someone would do it. As her own Silvering abilities emerge, her investigation is complicated by the realization that she could be the next victim.


  1. I'd totally read this! Your pitch is great, very clear about her conflict!

  2. I love this! Fantasy+mystery, very clear. Plus, it's refreshing just to see someone give powers to someone other than teenagers :)

  3. I'd love to read more. Please email your query + 3 chapters + synopsis to, and include "Birthday Blog Pitch" in the subj line. I look forward to reading!

  4. I like this but I feel like the stakes could be higher for your protagonist. Why does she need to solve this mystery and what will happen if she doesn't? Is there a deadline or something driving her to succeed? I also think the last line could be a lot stronger. Knowing you ARE going to die if you don't kill/imprison the killer first is very different than realizing that you MIGHT be the next victim one day. Or not.

    Good luck!

  5. Interesting, but I really wanted some idea of what silvering powers are. Because, you know, I'm gonna need those soon.

  6. I think this is really good--and it's definitely an intriguing concept. I like how it's a spin on the typical "powers emerging during teenage hood". Good luck with this!