Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baker's Dozen Adult Submissions Round 2 -- Today!

The window is open from 8 am to 5 pm EDT.  If you run into any technical difficulties, please post below.

IMPORTANT:  If your formatting looks wonky or a part of your text appears to be missing after you've already paid, DO NOT RE-ENTER THE CONTEST.  You will be charged a second time, and I am not offering refunds (simply because it's an administrative nightmare).  Simply SEND ME AN EMAIL with your ENTRY/POST NUMBER in the subject line, and include your full/corrected submission in the body of the email, IN PLAIN TEXT.

Again -- DO NOT TRY TO RE-ENTER THE SAME MATERIAL! I don't want you to double pay.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. Did the contest open at 8am or did it open at 5am? Not that it matters much now, but I was just curious :)

  2. Hi Authoress, my first 250 words is missing from the preview after I hit the "submit" button. I've made my payment. To which e-mail shall I send the correction?
    And how do I indicate italics in plain text? Thanks.

  3. Authoress, it's me again.
    I've figured where to email you. I hope I get a confirmation that everything will be fixed now. Thanks.

  4. Hi Authoress, I plan to submit next week. If I've never commented before, would I just "make up" a screenname and then use it to comment on posts when the entries are published?

    P.S. I know... Once I post this question, asking becomes a little bit silly :-). But others might be wondering too.

  5. Better to ask a question now than to risk looking silly later because you DIDN'T ask! ;)

    Yes, just make up a screenname. That's all you have to do!

  6. Hi Authoress,

    Do we receive our entry/post number info through email? After I submitted and paid, the only message on the website was that I was that I was all set and should look for my post in the contest. I was emailed confirmation of payment from paypal. Is that all I'm supposed to receive, or was there supposed to be an entry/post number confirmation?


  7. You should have received an email containing your post/entry number. Check your spam box.

    (If it's not there, don't worry; the Paypal confirmation means that your payment went through and your entry is now in the database.)