Monday, October 28, 2013

Logline Critique Opportunity

One of our community members has graciously offered to open her blog for critique of a few loglines WHO DID NOT MAKE IT INTO ANY OF THE 3 ROUNDS ON THIS BLOG.

So if you tried 3 times to get in, and didn't make it, this is for you!

The details:

I just did a blog post about loglines on my site, and I'd like to invite a few people to come and post their loglines for critique. I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time today, and I've already exchanged loglines with one person via email, so I'll say I can take up to five loglines to post for critique.

But I'd really like this to be just for those who plan on entering the Baker's Dozen but didn't get intoany of the critique rounds here. (Honor system again!)

So if that describes you, you can go to my website and put a comment under today's blog post. Include your logline in your comment, and I will stop by to critique it later this evening.

Now for the paybacks. :) If I post your logline, please try to critique any other loglines there. Also, I'd really appreciate your feedback on the logline samples I used in my blog (preferably focusing on the last one, which I'm leaning toward using even though it's longer).

Thanks, everyone!

L.C. McGehee


  1. Wow! Thanks, Authoress! I wasn't sure if I'd get much of a response, but a lot of people have jumped in.

    I said I was going to limit it to the first five loglines, but after seeing the response, I'm going to increase that. I considered just going ahead and posting everything that looks like a legitimate comment from folks coming over from MSFV, but without the format of a site like this to keep the posts neat and organized, I'm afraid it'll get too cumbersome for everyone involved.

    So in honor of the Baker's Dozen--and because it's Halloween week--I'm going to post thirteen.

    I can't promise I'll be able to comment on each of them myself, but if everyone whose logline is posted could please jump in and try to help each other out that would be awesome. :)

    And remember that even if you don't think you know much about loglines, the important thing is giving your honest reaction. It really helps just to let the author know if you found it interesting, and to point out the things you liked, or anything you didn't understand.

    Also, because the Baker's Dozen submissions this week are for adult only, I'll try to look at any loglines for adult novels first.

    I'm no expert on loglines myself, just someone who's spent the past few weeks trying to learn all I can about them (and the past couple of years obsessing over learning about queries!) ;)

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know I've got thirteen loglines submitted for critique now. I apologize if you wanted to post yours but didn't get in, but I can only manage so many, what with approving the comments and trying to keep it all straight! (It makes me appreciate all the hard work Authoress does even more!) ;)
    But I will definitely try to do this again in the future.

    For those whose loglines I posted, you'll see that I added headers that assign numbers to the loglines to make it easier to navigate through all the posts. Please try to comment on as many of the other loglines as you can.

    And since I'm assuming we're all entering the Baker's Dozen, and the adult submissions are in the next couple of days, I would suggest focusing your critiques on the adult loglines first. As the YA authors have just a little more time to prep their loglines, we can keep helping with those throughout the week.

    Thanks so much to everyone for participating--and thanks especially for all the terrific insights on my own logline efforts! Everyone's been a really big help already. :)