Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Logline Critique Round Two #9

TITLE: Blow forward
GENRE: Thriller

The trick was not to think too much, Lizzie told herself as she swung the rig around and snugged it up to the dock, which was nothing more than a dark hole to aim at. She was tired to the bone, but thankfully she could still reverse a trailer into any space with one hand—and probably even apply her lipstick with the other.

Last night she had pulled into a dismal truck stop in Jersey City, five miles from her pickup destination--a warehouse in Newark, New Jersey—to accept a load of expensive wine bound for Las Vegas.


  1. This is not a logline. It sounds like the opening to the novel (which reads well by the way).

  2. Yeah i was going to say the same thing. Definitely an excerpt from the novel and not a logline

  3. I agree. This reads more like the beginning of a novel. Think how you would pitch this to someone when they ask: "What's your book about?"

  4. Ditto. It's the opening to a story, not a logline. Intriguing opening though.

  5. I recognize this from the Secret Agent contest, and I'm 95% certain you accidentally put in the beginning of your story instead of a logline. Any chance of replacing it with the actual logline?