Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fricassee

Hard to believe it, but here it is:  ADULT SUBMISSIONS FOR THE BAKER'S DOZEN ARE NEXT WEEK!

If you missed the BAKER'S DOZEN EVERYTHING post this week, read it now.

Here are some things I need to address (for the future--as in, next year's contest).

1.  If, in the future, you are feeling clever enough to fool the Bot's ONE ENTRY PER PERSON rule during the Logline Critique Rounds (or anything else, for that matter) by using separate email addresses, I will disqualify your entries.  Michael was kind enough to program the Bot to let me know when there are duplicate entries, so, yes, I know when this happens.  Honestly?  This is a first.  And because I didn't have a policy in place, I let it go.  You have been warned.

2.  This is an Honor System thing:  If your Critique Round entry makes it into the first or second round, please don't enter a subsequent round.  Folks, THERE ARE OTHERS HOPING TO GET IN.  If you get in twice, you've stolen someone else's opportunity the second time.  I have no way to police this, other than to read through everything super carefully and check.  And I DON'T HAVE THE TIME.  Again, I did not state a policy about this thing, because I'D RATHER TRUST EVERYONE TO DO THE RIGHT THING.  I don't like preaching or nagging.

Honestly?  I completely understand your desire to get more feedback after you've revised.  I'M A WRITER, TOO.  But at that point, it's time to ask your critique partners to read it.

3.  On that note:  Holly Bodger has GRACIOUSLY OFFERED TO TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR REVISED LOGLINE.  Simply email your logline to her at holly(at)  Please do not email her if you have not significantly revised your logline.  Please do not email her if your logline DID NOT APPEAR in one of the 3 rounds.  (Yes, she will know.  She's smart like that.)

4.  On a different note:  I'm continuing to receive questions about NA in the Baker's Dozen.  NA IS NOT OFFICIALLY INCLUDED.  Why?  Because, when asked, none of the participating agents said, "Yes, please!"  And I do try to tailor the contest to their tastes (which, collectively, are broad).  HOWEVER:  Since NA is essentially adult literature (yes, it is), and if you're comfortable doing so, feel free to enter it under the adult category.  Don't call it NA -- just call it by its genre.  Mystery or Romance or Paranormal or whatever it is.  It will be read and considered along with all the other entries.

And, finally, this is your last chance to ask questions about next week's submissions, so please post them in the comment box.

Soon the crazy will begin! But it's a good sort of crazy. Also, it forces me to spend lots of time with Jodi Meadows, which I will never complain about.

There it is!  Have a brilliant weekend, and I'll see you when the fun starts!


  1. Thanks, Authoress!

    Any chance you could suggest an alternative venue where those who didn't get into the logline critique might meet up and exchange critiques this weekend?

    (I asked this question a couple of days ago, but I think I put it in the wrong place. It was under an earlier post you probably didn't look at after the loglines went up, and I certainly understand that you can't possibly have the time to keep going back to check for more comments!)

  2. I'm starting to see the New Adult category issue within RWA's contest circuit too. I've seen and heard of New Adult entered in YA categories, and have seen comments related to this, that YA is the closest to NA so that's why. Except if New Adult was created as a separate category from Young Adult, then it is in fact, a separate category. It doesn't mean NA isn't valid, but it is not YA if you are calling it something other than YA. For now, NA's home really is contemporary romance OR a variant genre of adult market fiction. It seems people take the categorization pretty personally, but I think until it's recognized as its own thing, it has to fit somewhere.

    Hey, in a few years, maybe agents will be looking for New Adult as much as YA. Tough to predict!

  3. Wanted to give a big thank-you to Holly Bodger. Critiquing 120+ loglines is generous indeed. Everything I know about loglines, I learned from her.

  4. Thanks Authoress and Holly and Jodi for doing this! And thank you for addressing the multiple logline submission issue. I was disappointed I didn't make it into any of the rounds, but my disappointment soon turned to annoyance when I noticed revised loglines from earlier rounds. Of course we're all itching for critique and to make our work the best it can be, but really, have some consideration for your fellow writers.

    On a lighter note, good luck everyone! :)

  5. Loglines seem like a royal pain.
    Can I just skip straight to the sign-up-with-an-agent step?


  6. Let it be known: I hate loglines! ;)

    Deirdre -- You may submit multiple entries in both categories. This is a new rule; previously, the rule was one per category. But it occurred to me that, if someone has 2 polished, agent-ready manuscripts ready to go, they should be able to enter both of them if they want to. So there you have it. No restrictions.

    LC -- Sorry I didn't get to your question sooner! If you have a blog and want to do this yourself, feel free! Just let me know and I will spread the word.

  7. Thanks again, Authoress! It had just occurred to me that perhaps I could offer a critique session on my own blog, and I'd really like to help others who were disappointed that they didn't get into any of the logline critique rounds.

    I just did a blog post about loglines on my site, and I'd like to invite a few people to come and post their loglines for critique. I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time today, and I've already exchanged loglines with one person via email, so I'll say I can take up to five loglines to post for critique.

    But I'd really like this to be just for those who plan on entering the Baker's Dozen but didn't get into any of the critique rounds here. (Honor system again!)

    So if that describes you, you can go to my website, lcmgeheeDOTcom, and put a comment under today's blog post. Include your logline in your comment, and I will stop by to critique it later this evening.

    Now for the paybacks. :) If I post your logline, please try to critique any other loglines there. Also, I'd really appreciate your feedback on the logline samples I used in my blog (preferably focusing on the last one, which I'm leaning toward using even though it's longer).

    Thanks, everyone!


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