Thursday, March 25, 2010

136 Folk Tale

TITLE: (untitled)
GENRE: folk tale

Mommy bakes meat pies every day

Fills my bucket and I’m on my way

Off to the market full of joy
With pies to sell.


  1. HOOKED!
    Strange and simple, and I want to see more! ㋡

  2. Are you trying to make it rhymn? I'm also curious if this is really a folktale. Folktales try to explain some thing. EX...How the Camel Got It's Hump. Why Mosqitos Buzz in People's Ears...

  3. Not sure what this really is. Folk tales are old. "Mommy" is a modern word. Pies carried in a bucket? And not sure that "folk tale" is the right label for something written in poem form. So I'm too confused to be hooked.

  4. It started off rhyming then stopped. Threw me off. Maybe the initial rhyme was accidental, but this kills it for me.

  5. Um, not really hooked... the last line kind of threw me.

  6. Well, I'm intrigued by the meat pies enough to go the next couple of lines. As far as the rhyme, it could easily start with a couplet and then go into a more sophisticated form of verse. I'd give it a chance.