Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Secret Agent Update

For those of you who are still waiting for your feedback from our Secret Agent:

The Secret Agent has actually read all 50 entries already. Due to the Internet problems, not all the critiques have been posted.

If the Unveiling posts tomorrow before you have received your feedback from the Secret Agent, DON'T PANIC! Your excerpt has already been read and evaluated. The critique will show up as soon as the Secret Agent can manage it.

Thank you for for your patience and understand. Our Secret Agent feels bad about this! It's simply something outside of everyone's control.



  1. The Secret Agent is wonderful for doing this. Although I didn't enter, I enjoy reading and learning from the feedback. Thanks Secret Agent and Authoress.

  2. I'd like to echo rhea's comment.

    I didn't enter this time and I have only now finished reading all 50 entries. If anything, I was relieved that the results are a little delayed.

    I always find that reading the excerpts in these competitions is incredibly useful for tightening my own writing (and self-editing).

    I don't always comment unless I have strong feelings about a piece or feel I can add to the discussion, but I do admit to a sneaking enjoyment of seeing if my opinions are in line with the other critters (the SA's in particular).

    Thanks Authoress for running these comps and thankyou to the this month's SA. I can't wait until I have a MS buffed and polished enough to enter one myself.